Why MultiEdit?

I know all the other programmable or programmers editors around. eg: vi, brief, emacs, xemacs, bingo, dr'ed, tech edit, pred, codewright, ed!, borland ide, msvc ide, and a lot of others...

Why MultiEdit for me?
ME has the best regex features (only comparable to vi), is fast enough, is very easy to customize (pascal like language), has a superior help system (in DOS very easy to customize, but in Windows you have to compile it to Windows help files), programmable syntax highlighting (colors!) and checking feature, ...

For converting dos help files to Windows help files I wrote I perl script which managed to convert all of my custom written ACI help files to Winhelp. More and pricing (no, it's not free) at this Autocad page.

For the simple editors I prefered Bingo. (very fast on huge files). And there is the small assembler Dr' ED editor which is the fastest editor around (macro programmable, and even multifile search/replace)

For the c/c++ part I used ME a lot, but know I have to use the MSVC IDE msdev. It is okay too, but a bit large.

For AutoLISP I use now Vital Lisp, because it's a whole IDE with debugger and evaluator (=interpreter). But for replacing a lot in multiple files I still use perl or MultiEdit.

[new] I included MEW into my survey of exisiting FFI's ("foreign function interface"), because MEW is a really good example of a rather large project which successfully ported its old DOS codebase to a new OS library completely with a FFI instead of compiled-in static wrappers. This would be fine to have for emacs and other systems as well but emacs is probably too old and too static. But the perl, python and java WinAPI could also have gone this way instead of setting everything into stone and having to support thousands of C/C++ source code lines.

MultiEdit Pro support files

My language macros and help files for the best editor around, MultiEdit Pro 7 for Dos and Windows. Supporting perl, awk, make, lisp, c, ...

The MultEdit pages are here:
The official Multi Edit Professional page and a users page

Get all of my support files: ALL! 1.2MB

list of files in this directory:

.hlz is help for dos, .hlp is help for Windows, .s is language support macro

Some other sources

Look also at my news collection of comp.graphics.algorithms, with some useful FAQ's, texts and pointers.

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