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Stimm_gegen_Spam! No problem, I won't bite. Before you decide to e-mail me, I want you to think first about why you are trying to contact me.

If you think that because you have visited my web pages, saw my name in newsgroups or on other webpages, you want to give me some kind of sales pitch, like "I visited your web site and thought you might be interested in "blah blah blah", the wonder product" or "Can you link your site to mine? I offer MMF, MLM, LD phone cards, phone sex, some commercial crud, more hits on your web page, etc..", the don't even THINK about sending me a note.


AutoCAD, programmers or movie enthusiasts like me, my students or private friends or exfriends are encouraged to mail me their links, comments or notes. But for questions of general interest please do me a favor and ask it in the appropriate newsgroups, have a look in the FAQ's, the product documentation, or in my personal or other archives. From answers there everybody will benefit. First I hate diversification, and duplicate efforts, second I read the newsgroups everyday and have to pay for my connection per minute.

If you are even thinking about using the mailto: pointer on this page for a mailing list or sales or sex pitch, drop the idea right now.

All other humans with real feedback or no alterior motives are welcome to contact me.

Junk Mailers Policy

An amendment to the Austrian Telecom-Law (TKG) outlaws UCE/UBE.

The unofficial translation:
§ 101. Unsolicited Calls
Calls - including the sending of telefaxes - for advertising purposes without the prior consent of the subscriber are not permitted. The consent of any one person authorised by the subscriber to use that subscriber's connection is of equal standing. Consent can be revoked at any time; the revocation of such consent has no effect on contractual relations with the party to whom consent had been given.
Sending of email in bulk or for advertising purposes requires the prior - revocable at any time - consent of the recipient.
§ 104.
(3) An infraction subject to a fine of up to 500,000 ATS (EUR 36,330 or USD $37,060) is committed by anyone who
  23. contrary to § 101 makes unsolicited calls or sends bulk or advertising email.

Unsolicited junk mail and commercial solicitations from people I have had no previous communication with are strictly forbidden at my e-mail address. By clicking on the link I AGREE, you agree to be invoiced a handling charge for processing, returning and issuing a complaint to your postmaster if your e-mail is found to be an unsolicited junk mail message and/or commercial solicitation. You further agree not to sell or lease my e-mail address or personal information to anyone or any firm, on penalty of legal remedies in your jurisdiction, unless I have previously mailed you a signed document which permits you to do so, in return for a commission on the sale or leasing of the information I have permitted you to vend. You also agree that if a complaint to your internet provider is sent, you may be liable to have your account removed, among other things.

In case you don't know it, unsolicited email for commercial or advertising purposes is forbidden in Austria. Currently we have the strictest anti-spam laws world-wide. You have been warned!
UCE and UBE are religiously fought with the following tool: - Spam reporting for the masses, legal actions according the austrian law will follow on subsequent violations.

Die von und anderen Organisationen in einem offenen Brief geforderte Änderung des Fernabsatzgesetzes führte dazu, daß am 15. Juli 1999 die Zusendung unverlangter E-Mail als Massensendung oder zu Werbezwecken vom Nationalrat durch Änderung des Telekommunikationsgesetzes verboten wurde. Damit ist ein weltweites Zeichen im Kampf gegen Spam gesetzt worden.

Other useful info for foreign fellows without such a "Opt-in" law: Teergrubing FAQ, Mail Abuse Prevention System (MAPS), the german net-abuse FAQ. Currently it is forbidden in Austria, Germany, Finland and Italy.

If you do not agree to these terms, click on the link NO WAY.

Make your choice:

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