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Gangster No. 1 (2000)

mit Malcom Mc Dowell
in Graz nur am 8.Dez 2000 im Rechbauerkino
imdb - 10 reviews - Kinostart: 18.01.2001 in Deutschland - Verleihinfo - Pressefotos - Home URL

Achtung! Selbes Caveat wie bei "American Psycho", nur vielleicht noch etwas brutaler. Der junge McDowell gespielt von Paul Bettany ist fantastisch, ein bißchen ALEX aus Clockwork Orange, aber dieser Film ist langweiliger erzählt und strotzt nur so vor Cliches.


GB - 2000, 105 Min. / Farbe (OmU)
R: Paul McGuigan. D.: Johnny Ferguson. K: Peter Sova. M: John Dankworth.
mit: Paul Bettany, Malcolm McDowell, David Thewlis, Saffron Burrows, u.a.

Moët & Fucking Chandon, All The Fucking Way!

Er war jung und er war skrupellos, damals während der Sechziger: "Gangster", der neue Mann am Platz. Zunächst Laufbursche für Freddie, den "Butcher von Mayfair", den ungekrönten King der Londoner Unterwelt. Später dann, nach sehr viel Fleiß, Schmeichelei und Jobs der "besonderen Art", zur rechten Hand seines Herrn sitzend. Ein Aufstieg wie aus dem Bilderbuch. Mit Blut erkauft. Mit Skrupellosigkeit gefestigt. Aber ein Team ist nur so gut, wie der Mann an der Spitze ... und "Gangster" ist sehr ehrgeizig, wenn es darum geht die Nummer Eins zu werden ... - Die Swinging Sixties mal ganz anders: Im Negativ. Beinahe lautlos. Dunkelgrau und nüchtern. Roh und provokant. Betrachtet aus der Sicht eines Einzelnen, der um jeden Preis nach oben will ... und kommt. Fazit: The Rise And Fall Of Gangster No. 1, oder: The Secret Of My Success, British Style.

The film is an extraordinary piece of cinema that goes beyond genre. It’s like a Greek tragedy, about one man’s rise and fall, a man who is propelled not so much by hate but by obsession. Sharp suits, sharp wit, sharp blades.

Neil Norman

drei sterne

Paul McGuigan's screen version of the play by Louis Mellis and David Scinto is an alarming, not altogether welcome addition to an overcrowded genre. Following a troubled production history during which writ-ers fell out, directors defected and loyalties to actors were sorely tested, the film finally reaches the screens, though not, perhaps, in the version originally planned by its indefatigable producer Norma Heyman.

Set in two eras - the Sixties and the present - Gangster No 1 attempts to explore the genre with a seriousness of purpose entirely lacking in most other recent efforts. No sign here of the jokey laddish-ness of the post Lock, Stock-ing fillers; rather an aspirational attempt to address the rise of an evil bastard from sideman to crime tsar in the manner of a Thirties gangster epic crossed with a Senecan tragedy. ...

Dublin fm104

... The plot (told in flashback from Malcolm McDowell's modern day point of view) is relatively simple - boy meets gangster, boy joins gangster, boy blows all and sundry away for gangster, gangster meets moll, everything goes pear shaped. ...

IMDB user comment:

"Voilent and pointless"

Since Lock, Stock there have been more British gangster every month (Fast Food, Circus, Love Honour And Obey).In this complitely awful genre there is another Gangster No 1. A violent crime flick from Paul McGuigan starring Malcom McDowell. It tells the story of Freddie a mobster who kills his way to become No 1. There is constant pointless swearing and voilence. There is every gangster cliche in the book here.

empireonline 2 sterne

"If you were being cruel you could say that the Divine Comedy’s Neil Hannon has finally found the company he deserves. The slick as pomade crooner provides the theme - the Sasha Distel classic, The Good Life - to the superior Brit gangster flick, and can be found alongside such ‘60s luminaries as Anthony Newley (nice!) and Englebert Humperdink (yes!).

While the film happily accommodates swinging decade's flashbacks, the part score, part song soundtrack finds the going much tougher. What kind of mood you must be in to happily flit between John Dankworth’s mournful score and Blockbuster by Sweet is quite frankly beyond reckoning. For guilt ridden ‘60s gangsters only."

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